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Equipment Service Management and Monitoring System

  • Time Consuming Follow up in calls/Team Viewer with companies service engineer for getting on time services.
  • No Proper Tracking Service related documents like Installation report, Spare report, Breakdown report, training report, Warranty certificate
  • No Proper Tracking in Paid service like Placement agreement, AMC Contract, CMC Contract , Free Reagent Contract,
  • Down time because of engineers visit / Spares / Reagent and Revenue Leakage (Outsourcing)
  • No Tracking on instruments No of Times Breakdown / working condition to take proactive action.


  • Register the service request quickly for your instrument right from the place.
  • To get the proper service support to the laboratories who had purchased the instruments from the principals for all the instruments.
  • Entire service process of the instruments can be tracked Thru this APP
  • No Entry for Poor service companies
  • Entire Lab Instrument Support system can be monitored
  • Helpful for price negotiation for next time purchase from same company
  • Decreasing the system breakdown idle time and increasing the revenue

What does it

  • To make the instrument is up in within the turn around time , our APP will help in bridging the service between company and laboratories/Hospitals
  • This app will filter the small player who are unable to provide the support within their turn around time.
  • Support system can be monitored by HOD in a single window
  • Only performed companies can enter into the system
  • Helpful for price negotiation for next time purchase from same company
  • Decreasing the system breakdown idle time and increasing the revenue
  • This app will monitor/follow up your Service calls to the companies to maintain proper service to the instruments which user is handling
  • Reminder calls/Mails will be done by this APP so that user's time will save and can concentrate to another work. User can maintain the instrument without further idle situation

Transport Management Software:

Transport Management software enables you to track real-time operations happening in Transport/Fleet Operations firm. Here you will get all the functionalities to control thebusiness. This module allows you to track the business from vehicle financing, vehicle service maintenance, fuel Management, driver management, accounts management, customer management.


  • Allows you to capture the fleet booking details
  • Fuel Management
  • Possibility of GPS integration for live tracking of vehicle
  • Record and manage your customer’s and supplier’s master
  • Record and manage your vehicle, driver, container, tyre, parts master
  • Get real time alerts about vehicle for service, renewals etc.
  • Manage the loading and unloading process
  • Remainder alerts for License documents, RC documents, FC documents etc.
  • Due to issue management history, you can overcome the repeated problems in the vehicle

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